«Nature Revive Service», a non – government organisation of scientists – entrepreneurs and professional ecologists and biologists, operates in the field of restoration and revive - reconstruction of post – anthropogenic landscapes, adaptation of urban dwellers to work on land, search for new forms of life harmonizing with the environment. We have developed a new nature – reviving mode of life.

The main direction of our activities is creation on degraded lands the nature – reviving social systems - NOOCENOSES - where man plays a harmonizing and environment – building role. The complex product of Nature Revive Service activities is reconstructed biospherical structures - noocenoses.

1. Services:

a) reconstruction of degraded lands: from computer model to realization;

b) provided of scientific and juridical materials for ecological community;

с) organization of scientific tourism and ecological expeditions on the mountains territory of Kazakhstan, Kirghizstan and Tuva;

2. Commodities:

a) seeds and planting material of cultivated and wild plants;

b) apiculture products

We hope that our fruitful cooperation will promote stabilization of social and ecological situation in Russia and other regions.

The Director of the Partnership Shen Ekaterina


We give priority as volunteers to specialists and students of biology and ecology professions.
We are owner of Botanical Garden and mini Reserve, where nature-revive projects are implemented.

Type of help
Help with Eco project
Art project
Free program:
1. private reserve (volunteer ranger who can act an environment expedition): сlearing of streams, identification of species of plants, birds, fish and insects, introduction of rare plants, ecotrail laying
2. plant service (cultivation of botanic collection): transplanting plants from soil to pots, watering and weed control
3. apiculture / bee-service: inspection of bees, hanging of swarm traps, moving from the trap to the beehive
Languages spoken russian / english
All volunteers who have passed interactive face-control and legal examination are placed on the territories of the project. We provide mobil comfortable houses (trailers) including shower room, WC, kitchen and sleeping accommodations. Accommodation is free. Volunteers buy food and cook by themselves. There is no problem with transport: collaborators regularly leave territory by car to towns: Serpukhov, Protvino, Tarusa. Also there is taxi.
What else ...
Culture programs are organized by creative initiative of volunteers in cooperation with collaborators.
Cultural exchange and learning opportunities
Nature-Revive culture, life and operating: representation of the profession of noocenologist, philosophy of nature-revive existence, habitation skills in the natural environment, cultivation plants, beekeeping, identification of plants, birds, fish, insects.
Specialists and students of biology and ecology professions get opportunity to collect scientific material and write scientific article in co-authorship with collaborators


The publication:

Alexander Wegosky "The meaning of life"

Ekaterina Shen "Noocenologist: The Profession of the Future"


REGULATIONS to regulate relations with volunteers who have expressed a desire to participate in Nature- Revive Service’s environmental projects