«Nature - Revive Service», a non – government organisation of scientists – entrepreneurs and professional gardeners, operates in the field of restoration and revive - reconstruction of post – anthropogenic landscapes, adaptation of urban dwellers, immigrants and refugees to work on land, search for new forms of life harmonizing with the environment. We have developed a new nature – restoring technogenic civilization on nature.

The main direction of our activities is creation on degraded lands the nature – reviving social systems - NRSS – where man plays a harmonizing and environment – building role. The complex product of NRSS activities is reconstructed biospherical structures.

1. Services:

a) reconstruction of degraded lands: from computer model to realization;

b) provided of scientific and juridical materials for ecological community;

с) organization of scientific tourism and ecological expeditions on the mountains territory of Kazakhstan, Kirghizstan and Tuva;

2. Commodities:

a) seeds and planting material of cultivated and wild plants;

b) apiculture products

We hope that our fruitful cooperation will promote stabilization of social and ecological situation in Russia and neighbouring regions.


The president of the Partnership  Shpringer Svetlana


The publication:

Alexander Wegosky "The meaning of life"

Ekaterina Shen "Noocenologist: The Profession of the Future"


REGULATIONS to regulate relations with volunteers who have expressed a desire to participate in Nature- Revive Service’s environmental projects